Types of Coffee

Starbucks serves a wide variety of different blends of coffee from all over the world.

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffees originate from Latin America, Africa/Arabia, and Asia/Pacific. They also serve Whole Bean Coffees that are Multi-Region blends as well as Dark Specialty Roasts.

Starbucks Reserve Coffees originate from many different countries as well including Hawaii, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and Kenya.

Starbucks Coffees from the Latin America region include:

  • Breakfast Blend-Latin America Mild
  • Half Caffeinated Breakfast Blend- Latin America Mild
  • Daily Horizons Blend- Latin America Mild
  • Columbia- Latin America Medium
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu- Latin America Medium
  • Guatemala Antigua- Latin America Medium
  • House Blend- Latin America Medium
  • Decaf House Blend- Latin America Medium
  • Organic Shade Grown Mexico- Latin America Medium

Starbucks Coffees from the Africa/Arabia region include:

  • Africa Kitamu- Africa/Arabia Bold
  • Kenya- Africa/Arabia Bold

Starbucks Coffees from the Asia/Pacific region include:

  • Komodo Dragon Blend- Asia/Pacific Bold
  • Sumatra- Asia/Pacific Extra Bold
  • Decaf Sumatra- Asia/Pacific Extra Bold

Starbucks Multi-Region Blends include:

  • Cafe Estima Blend- Multi-Region Blends Bold
  • Caffe Verona- Multi-Region Blends Bold
  • Starbucks Christmas Blend- Multi-Region Blends
  • Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast- Multi-Region Blends
  • Decaf Caffe Verona- Multi-Region Blends Bold
  • Starbucks Decaf Christmas Blend- Multi-Region Blends
  • Gold Coast Blend: Morning Joe Edition- Multi-Region Blends Extra Bold
  • Starbucks Holiday Blend- Multi-Region Blends
  • Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend- Multi-Region Blends Medium
  • Organic Yukon Blend- Multi-Region Blends Bold
  • Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend- Multi-Region Blends

Starbucks Dark and Specialty Roast Coffees include:

  • Espresso Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast Bold
  • Decaf Espresso Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast Bold
  • French Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast Extra Bold
  • Italian Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast Extra Bold
  • Pike Place Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast
  • Decaf Pike Place Roast- Dark and Specialty Roast

Starbucks Reserve Coffees include:

  • Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Aged Sumatra Lot No. 593- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Guatemala Antigua Santa Catalina- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Guatemala de Flor- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Honduras Premier- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Kenya Tana River- Starbucks Reserve Coffee
  • Hawaii Kau- Starbucks Reserve Coffee




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